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Secrets of Eden's



8 oz


A unique blend of vital minerals, suspended in pure, super-oxygenated, scalar phased, frequency enhanced distilled water with MSM, Lemon and Honey and Double-distilled Witch Hazel with bacteria destroying silver.


Refresh mainlines life essential minerals, oxygen and enzymes into your tissue and blood stream directly through your skin.


Some deficiencies

addressed by the ingredients in Refresh include:


Calcium- acne, arthritis, cavities, cataracts, carpal tunnel syndrome and cramps.


Magnesium – wrinkles, muscle tremors, muscle ticks, headaches, vertigo, depression, and asthma.


Potassium – bad circulation, bluish tint to the skin, water retention and intestinal pain.


Zinc – body odor, loss of libido, hair loss, pms, and depression.


How to use:


It is impossible to overuse Refresh. Since most skin is deficient in minerals apply as liberally as you would like.Apply spray directly to face.


Very effective for use in travel, especially in airplanes.

I have personally witnessed 2 miraculous healing results from using Refresh.

#1. I was in Wisconsin and a man came to my booth and showed me a large weeping sore on his hand, explaining to me that he was diabetic and had had this sore for two weeks with no healing. He sprayed on some refresh from my samples and the next day at breakfast he came over to my table and showed me how his sore was completely scabbed over. Frankly we both were amazed.

#2 In March of this year, I was introduced to a lady at Claudia's Organic Market in Toledo Ohio. She had a horrible skin condition that left her with cracked, reddened, hands that were very sore and tender. She informed me that "...nothing I have tried works.."

Recalling the Wisconsin incident, I offered to spray a sample of refresh on her hands. As I did so, she asked "what will this do?" I replied, "I don't know, lets see." In two minutes she indicated that she was experiencing a tingling sensation like needles.

In only 5 minutes the vicious redness was only pink. In 15 minutes her hands looked perfectly normal! She bought a bottle of Refresh, but returned within the hour and bought the entire shelf inventory of this amazing product.

The following unsolicited testimonial is from still another satisfied user of this incredible product. It is on YouTube, click play to view.


Get yours Today!

Oxygenated Mineralized REFRESH
 8 oz. spray for your skin.
 With Lemon, Honey, MSM. and Ionically charged Silver.


(15 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 5
    Great for the Face!

    Posted by Jessica on 26th Feb 2024

    Love how good this makes my face feel. No break outs using this product.

  • 5

    Posted by Stella on 28th Jan 2024

    I love this so refreshing . Not sure it helps me look you get am in sixties so might be too late! But I originally bought it after seeing a lady on one of your YouTube Interviewd buying it for her mother's skin cancer. I had a red mark on my nose that bled at times and had been looked at a year before by a doctor but he did not seem concerned. I tried everything when it bled as I did not want surgery. After 4 months of applying refresh daily on the mark it slowly disappeared,!! . So I always have some bottles on hand. Since 8 months I use it twice daily all over my face as prevention and refreshment. Thank you for such an amazing product ,!

  • 5

    Posted by Alma on 15th Jun 2022

    Great product. I have been using Refresh for about ten years or more. It actually nourishes your skin. I am 72 years old. My skin is nice today as it was in my 30's and 40's. You can also use it on my hands when I can remember. Love it!!

  • 5

    Posted by Joan on 19th Jul 2021

    I have very sensitive skin and can use very few products on the market. Refresh is so wonderful, it helps my skin feel and look healthier.

  • 5

    Posted by Sharon Lines on 6th May 2021

    I use this product several times a day and just love it

  • 5

    Posted by Alma on 13th Apr 2021

    I have been using Refresh for about ten years now. I use it primarily on my face, but occasionally I use it on my hands and my legs. It is soothing, cooling, and the benefits have been wonderful. I am 71 years old, and my skin looks as good (or better - no more breakouts) as it did when I was in my 40's. Great product.

  • 5
    It's very light and not sticky and goes right into your skin. It's also very refreshing.

    Posted by Diane Leonard on 24th Feb 2021

    I would recommend this product to others.

  • 5
    Refresh 8 oz

    Posted by Betty Guillot on 23rd Nov 2020

    The Refresh mineral spray stops my eczema from itching. love that.

  • 5
    Refresh for all skin conditions - this time Hives

    Posted by Wendy Patton Leino, N.D. on 13th Jul 2020

    As a Naturopath, I keep many of your products on hand. I was on my last bottle of Refresh when my son came to visit. He has suffered from Chronic Lyme for years and has not been able to get his holistic treatment during COVID. He arrived covered in hives from the Lyme and was miserable. Due to the Lyme he is unable to take or be around steroids. I reached for my bottle of Refresh. He was amazed that within minutes the itch was gone. The hives themselves took a bit longer to fade, but the itch was relieved. I sent the bottle home with him and ordered more. This is an amazing product.