Petitgrain Essential Oil 15ml

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Petitgrain Essential Oil

15ml (1/2oz)

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Derived from the bitter orange tree,

Petitgrain oil has long been used in traditional health practices, for cleaning purposes, and for its various internal benefits. Widely used in the perfume industry, Petitgrain oil offers a fresh, floral, and often herbaceous aroma that makes it unique and useful in a variety of settings. From promoting restful sleep to supporting healthy immune function, Petitgrain oil uses and benefits are certainly far reaching and effective.

Top 5 Uses for Petitgrain Essential Oil

Petitgrain Essential Oil For Hair

Petitgrain essential oil works very well as a natural hair conditioner and can be used on its own or added to your normal shampoo or herbal shampoo for added antibacterial effect. This will leave your hair feeling and smelling fresher and remove any excess sebaceous oil that your scalp produces, leaving your hair feeling oily and greasy – which no one wants!

Another benefit of petitgrain oil is that it can be blended quite easily with other oils such as almond or orange oil to help to reduce hair loss in both men and women. petitgrain oil has a high content of Linalool and Limonene which are quite effective in reducing the amount of sebaceous oil that your scalp produces. They also act to inhibit the production of a chemical known as 5 alpha -reductase, which occurs in men and is one of the main contributors to male pattern baldness. The reductase occurs when testosterone builds up under the scalp. Over time, it is converted into the 5 alpha compound which effectively blocks up your pores and starves your hair follicles of essential nutrients, causing them to become weak and eventually fall out.

The active chemicals in the petitgrain oil help to reduce the formation of the 5 alpha reductase, therefore allowing your hair to receive more nutrients and vitamins from within the roots – making them stronger from within. Your scalp will also be able to grip the hair follicles better, giving them a better grip and making them stronger in general.

Petitgrain Essential Oil For Digestion

The natural antispasmodic properties of petitgrain oil can help to reduce stomach aches and cramps and increase your bodies ability to digest food – making it a natural digestive. By loosening the muscles and tissue that are responsible for allowing your food to digest, it helps your body process the food faster and relieves stomach pain or cramps often related to indigestion.

The oil can be diluted with a suitable carrier oil such as coconut or olive oil and ingested orally (roughly 2-4 drops maximum) or can be inhaled to effectively treat digestive problems. The oil can also be used to help suppress your appetite and help you lose weight. However, a doctor should always be consulted when utilizing the oil for weight-loss purposes as you need to make sure your body is still receiving the correct amount of other vitamins and nutrients.

Petitgrain Essential Oil As An Antibiotic

The fruit and rind of the bitter orange contain loads of chemical compounds such as flavonoids, limonoids, linalool, linalyl, geraniol and a natural form of acetate that make them incredibly strong natural antibiotics. They can be used to treat a variety of illness and diseases that are commonly treated with harmful antibiotics.

In contrast to normal antibiotics, the natural compounds of the petitgrain oil strengthen your immune system while killing off unwanted bacteria. Unlike the napalm-like effect of antibiotics which kill off all the cells they come into contact with and leave you more vulnerable to further infection or disease and slow down your healing process dramatically.

The petitgrain oil can be added to juices or smoothies, ingested in its natural form or even inhaled through steam treatments to help rid your body of unwanted toxins and bacteria. It also strengthens your body’s overall immune system and energy levels, allowing you to fight off disease more effectively. However, it’s important for me to state that the oil will not simply work by itself and a healthy, balanced diet should be maintained in order to prevent or fight general disease and infection. I also recommend incorporating a lot of raw, natural yogurt into your diet during your illness as a means of increasing your body’s probiotic count – giving you stronger defenses against bacteria and illness.

Petitgrain Essential Oil For Athlete’s Foot

The same chemical compounds that make petitgrain essential oil so effective as a natural antibiotic also make it effective as treatment for skin irritations and fungal infections. The chemicals contained in petitgrain oil can kill and ward off unwanted bacteria helping remove and ultimately prevent infections such as athlete’s foot.

So if you’re a keen runner, or workout at the gym on a regular basis, keeping a vial of petitgrain essential oil in your car or gym bag is essential to healthy and infection free skin. Simply rub a bit of the oil into your feet after showering (or even directly after exercising) to kill off any bacteria that may cause infection and to treat an infection that may already be forming. It’s cheap, healthy and very effective – so definitely worth a try.

Petitgrain Essential Oil For Acne

The same antimicrobial and antibacterial qualities that make petitgrain essential oil suitable for treating wounds and insect bites (as I mentioned in the opening paragraph) make it highly effective as an acne treatment. The oil cuts through any excess sebum oil that may form on the surface of your skin and helps to remove any dead skin cells that occur on a daily basis due to free radical damage and the natural regeneration process of how our skin grows.

Free-radicals are molecules that our skin comes into contact with on daily basis. Whether it’s through exposure to the sun, fatty foods we might eat or even a particular medication we might be on, they all have a degenerative effect on the quality of our health and skin. The strong antioxidants contained in petitgrain oil help to capture and remove the free-radicals before they can do any damage to your skin (so long as you use the oil regularly as a form of treatment).

The oil also has a low comedogenic rating, so it won’t clog your pores and cause further blemishes to form which makes it a wonderful natural conditioner. To use the oil, I recommend washing your face with warm water first and (if you have a predominantly oily skin type), use an antibacterial face scrub (simply mixing a teaspoon of sugar, with a teaspoon of tea tree, argan or eucalyptus oil will also do the trick) and then rinse your face with warm water. Once this is done, apply the petitgrain oil to your face with a clean cotton swab and wipe it over the affected areas on your face.

You can leave the oil in overnight or wash it off with warm water – it’s up to you. However, as a rule of thumb, We generally recommend that those with oily skin types rinse the oil off, as we tend to produce a large amount of oil when we sleep.


Petitgrain Essential Oil

15ml (1/2oz)

only $14.99


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