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Finally The Perfect Deodorant

No bad chemicals

All Natural

No more Bo




A fine mist spray glazes the skin with a barrier of Mineral salt. These Mineral salts naturally neutralize bacteria before it can cause odors. This is the perfect deodorant for those with sensitive skin and those seeking for a safe healthy solution to the deodorants at the store. Comes in an 8oz spray. Lasts for months. You can spray your pits, feet, hair. You can spray your tennis shoes, kids, dogs, cats.

Unsolicited Testimonials

Hey Everyone,
I work in an office with smokers.  Can you believe it.  I spray NoBo in my hair and it stops the smell .
Dallas Tx
Dear Secrets of Eden
I found a couple of new uses for Nobo.  I sprayed it on my acne and it drys it up I got a bee sting and sprayed it on and the pain stopped.  You need to promote this product better.  It is amazing.
South Bend IN
Hello Pastor Straw,

Thought I would share a possible new use for NoBo.  I was overcome with mosquito bites the other night and thought I would scream.  I tried several things and nothing was stopping the itching.  I thought of NoBo which I remembered reading was mineral salts, etc.  I read the ingredients again and saw sea salt, and I usually use table salt for bites anyway so I tried the spray and it worked.  I got more bites tonight and tried it immediately and it worked quicker this time as I had already started scratching them the other night and it took a little longer to calm them down.


Dear Pastor,
I want you know that this product really work's!!! The first time I used NOBO , there is no smell at all totally natural, it doesn't dry out your skin and doesn't leave any marking on your shirt not like other major brands. what really amazed me with this product even i do my 50 mile cycling bike i now for sure I'll be sweat specially my armpits will sweat and will have bad smell but hey not with my NOBO no smell at all !!! I'm really glad that i discover and try your product. now I'm using your product  for over 3 months now since my first bottle and is worth in every spray. i totally recommend this product from my family that use deodorant too and to my friends. thanks Pastor Strawcutter!!!
Chris from Sunnyvale CA.

Pastor Rick Straw,

 I have to say that I am a believer of your products Complete Shampoo and the Nobo. Let me explain a little about me. I was military for 8 years no deodorant worked. I got out of the army last year. Since then I have changed my life and have gone natural and or organic in the things i consume and the things we put on our bodies. I have tried many deodorants like Toms and crystal deodorant salts and they do not work. By the middle of the day I smell if not in 2 hrs after a workout. I just got your Mobo after seeing it on youtube and let me tell you. Its awesome. I love it. I still don't know how it works but it sure does. 

What I did to actually test nobo is take a shower the night before and put on nobo before going to bed. In the morning I worked out in the trampoline and worked up a sweat. Then I didn't shower, I went to the store and was out all day in 99 degree weather in bakersfield, California. I am just going to shower up as I write you this email and the thing of it is I do not smell at all. And that is not like me. My wife is even surprised to not smell any body odor on me and she is good with her senses. 

My wife and I love Complete and it does not make my scalp itchy like Burts Bees products. 

I totally love your products and I love the fact that you bring GOD into it. I like the whole thing about healing herbs and oils of the bible. You have a great company and God has blessed you and your staff to make such wonderful products. I will definitely be buying more complete. 

My wife used Complete today and she loved it. She says it make her hair feel good and it has a light lather not too foamy but just right. Like i said, keep up the great work there Pastor Rick Straw and I will pass on the word to my friends and family about the Secrets of Eden. 

Thank you. Hector H / Bakersfield, California


Exactly what it means


This one of a kind product Leaves you odorless, and does not contain any harmful chemicals.


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  • 4
    Great product

    Posted by Unknown on 2nd Dec 2016

    Love the NOBO but the spray piece broke and it makes it difficult to use.

  • 5

    Posted by on 1st Nov 2016

    I have used NOBO deodorant for almost two years. I love it. Gentle and effective. I was using a deodorant with baking soda and it caused a rash. Used NOBO during the healing process and ever since. I get nervous if I think I will run out. The bottle lasts a looong time.

  • 4
    Works great!

    Posted by Anna Stepanyuk on 27th Sep 2016

    This deodorant works great, the only natural deodorant that actually works!

  • 5
    It works great!

    Posted by Mary A on 27th Jun 2016

    I have been using NO BO for only a few days, but so far I am very pleased! It certainly prevents body odor. And I am especially happy that it does not contain harmful chemicals.

  • 5
    Best Product for Eliminating Odors - not just your body but your clothes & shoes!

    Posted by Miss Mabelline on 10th Oct 2015

    NoBo neutralizes bacteria which is the cause of body odor. Not only is this great after a bath or shower to keep you smelling sweet all day (no matter what activity or how active you are), it's also a quite wonderful when you don't have time to shower or wash up and need to 'freshen up' quickly - just spray it on and odors just disappear. Because it's all natural, you can spray it not just on your underarms but anywhere on your body that you might need to; there's no residue, no stinging, and it dries fairly quickly.

    I have also sprayed it in the armpit area of jackets that need to be dry-cleaned so I can extend the time between cleanings, and in shoes to bring them back to fresh as new!

  • 5
    nobo deodorant

    Posted by Unknown on 18th Sep 2015

    This really works, odorless . I really love the spray on application.It leaves no residue. Does not sting and will definitely by again.

  • 5
    Never trying anything else!

    Posted by Sasha on 8th Sep 2015

    THIS. IS. THE. BEST deodorant Ever! I never smell and it doesn't wear off on a normal given day. You need to spray about 5 sprays for best coverage. If you need extra protection, because your going to be out sweating a lot in the heat...just spray the inside underarms of your shirt and let dry. love it! I've been using NOBO for a about 2 years or a lil' more.

  • 5
    Safe protection

    Posted by Unknown on 12th Feb 2015

    I have found NOBO to be very effective against odor. It has a nuetral odor so it does not interact with other cosmetics I use.

  • 5
    Neutralize to Deodorize!

    Posted by Unknown on 6th Jan 2015

    NoBO is no BS! NoBO works all the time. It may be January but it's always August under your arms. Try it!