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Welcome to Secrets of Eden's

Wealth Producing Affliate Program


Here's how it works.

Upon joining, you are assigned a premanent coupon/discount code.   Share this code with as many people as you can.  Friends, Neighbors, Facebook Friends, etc.   Anyone who uses the code (including you) at the checkout phase immediately will recieve a 20% discount on their entire purchase.  The Code does not expire.  It can be used over and over again and can be used by anyone.  That's the beauty of the program.  Everytime the code "kicks in" it is recorded as an affiliate sale that you recieve immediate credit for.  At the end of the month, your compensation is calculated and a check is issued 

How much can you expect to make?  

That is entirely dependant upon a number of factors.

Obviously the number of people who know of, and use, your discount code is the primary measure.   Additionally, the more thorough you are about educating and encouraging your contacts to go to the Secrets of Eden website, the more likely they are in turn  to make a purchase and use Your Code.   20% is a nice discount and people appreciate it and will respond.   

Customers using your code recieve an instant discount of 20%, at the same time you also recieve compensation in the amount of 20% on each order until you have reached $100 in compensation.  After that your compensation goes to 15% and is fixed at that rate.  The idea is to put as much cash back in you pocket as fast as possible.  If you are agressive and active is promoting your code and recommending Secrets of Eden to everyone you can, you will reap more and more results.  It's a Biblical prinicipal.  You reap in proportion to what you sow.  Accordingly I urge you to dedicate a lot of effort to promotion and sharing of your Code.

Let's say you share your enthusiasm of Secrets of Eden and/or a specific product like Nothing But the Oils on a social media page and 10 people go to our website and make a purchase and use your code.   Our statistical average order for a first time customer is around $50.  So, let's say your intial month's results (in this example) are 10 orders totalling  $500.  The customers have already experienced a very satisfying 20% off and are on their way to becoming further enthralled  with our products and hopefully will tell everyone they know how happy they are to find this great product line, and they additionally tell their friends to be sure to use your code.   Your compensation in the above  example would amount to 20% of $500 or = $100.00  Not bad for your first month.

Imagine if 10 people participate and further tell their friends and contacts how happy they are with their new discovery of Secrets of Eden and each of them gives birth to 10 new customers each and of course these new customers, wanting their friends to get a nice discount tell them to be sure to use the code they used.   Imagine now,  100 orders totaling $5000 dollars. Your 15% would be $750.00  And so on.  Keep in mind, if you share and post and promote enough,  it does not take too long until you will be recieving compensation on the activities of people who you have no idea who they are.  And, it doesn't matter either.  People tell people who tell people and the magic of multiplication takes place and never stops.  Keeping track of everything is easy.  The computer takes care of everything.  

So simple to join.

1.   Click ADD to CART above.  You will be charged $25 entrance fee.

2.  You can choose your own code word.   In the Comment box on the check out page, be sure to give us a couple of suggested Code's you would like to use, make sure the code makes sense and is easy to remember.  We will select one of them, or choose one that in our opinion will work best, and email back to you the Code that is activated with direct reference to YOU!   

Here's why it is important to have a really good code.   Our current most successful participants have simple codes like "Johnny"  or "Susan"  or "Life" or other easy to remember and pass on words.  That is the Key.   EASY TO REMEMBER.  Keep in mind when someone tells someone who ultimately may tell someone else, who will mention it to 100 other people on social media, you do not want a code that is confusing or hard to remember.  That is why codes like "Mommy21" ( which may be ok for an email address)  is likely to fail in the long run. Wouldn't it be a shame if your code was "Mommy21" and someone heard it wrong and  tried "Mommy20"?  Get my drift.  Keep it simple and easy to hand off and share like crazy.  That's the key.

This program is very simple.  No forms to fill out.  Just click and obtain a Code and away you go. 

Simple concept.  No guarentees, except that in good faith when things click from your efforts - you will get bonus checks.   





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    5 Star Review on ALL Products Purchased

    Posted by Sheena J on 2nd Oct 2023

    I used the Nobo spray and Jamango...is that right lol deodorant so love these products. They keep me smelling fresh without the harmful chemicals in regular deodorant. Ive also purchase tinctures that I like to keep on hand. Especially that 4x!! I recommend this site to everyone I know or come across.